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Distracted driving is becoming a larger problem

The urge to be as productive as possible has contributed to the problem of distracted driving on roads in Connecticut and other states. According to a AAA study, 88% of respondents said that they felt that distracted driving was becoming an increasing problem. In many cases, drivers feel as if they won't become a victim of distracted driving. Therefore, it is important for employers to use science in an effort to help limit distracted driving and its negative consequences.

Texting while driving may be the most dangerous kind of distraction a driver can face. This is because it involves cognitive, visual and manual distraction. In other words, the operator of the truck is taking his or her hands off the wheel, eyes off of the road and attention from the road to focus on the message. Fatigue can also be dangerous as it can increase the potential for an error.

Typically, tired drivers have a hard time focusing on changes to road or other conditions that they face. It is possible for drivers to become fatigued even if they are getting ample rest each night. Therefore, it is critical to focus on both the quality and the quantity of rest a person gets every 24 hours. Ideally, an individual will aim for about seven or eight hours of sleep per night.

If truck driver fatigue or other forms of distracted driving cause an accident, the person who drove the truck may be liable for damages. These damages may include the cost of replacing damaged property or medical bills related to the accident, and damages may be awarded in a settlement. An attorney may be able to use victim statements, video of the crash and photos from the crash scene to show that negligence occurred.

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