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June 2019 Archives

MADD president: focus on making drunk driving prevention tech

Drunk driving is an epidemic as most drivers in Connecticut know. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is behind 29% of all roadway fatalities. Drunk driving crashes accounted for 11,000 fatalities and over 200,000 cases of injury in 2017 alone. With automakers focusing so much on semi-autonomous vehicle technology, it may be a good time to start developing drunk driving prevention systems.

Distracted driving is becoming a larger problem

The urge to be as productive as possible has contributed to the problem of distracted driving on roads in Connecticut and other states. According to a AAA study, 88% of respondents said that they felt that distracted driving was becoming an increasing problem. In many cases, drivers feel as if they won't become a victim of distracted driving. Therefore, it is important for employers to use science in an effort to help limit distracted driving and its negative consequences.


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