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Drivers distracted by phones even when they know it is wrong

Connecticut residents may have heard that the way to reduce distracted driving is to better educate people about the risks and better enforce the laws surrounding it. However, an online study from Wakefield Research, a market research firm, involving nearly 2,000 drivers across the nation shows that ignorance is not really the issue.

Almost half of the survey respondents said that distracted driving was what they worried about the most while on the road, and 99% even named phone use as among the main three driver distractions. However, individuals admitted to using their phones behind the wheel for about 13 minutes each day. Even after spotting law enforcement in the area, approximately two out of every five respondents said they didn't put down their phones.

Another interesting finding is that 89% percent of those surveyed said they would give a ride-sharing driver a bad rating if he or she texted behind the wheel, and 39% have done so in the past. Overall, 90% of the respondents considered their driving skills to be better than those of ride-hailing employees.

The most common activities that distracted individuals from driving were participating in group chats (52%) and perusing social media, like newsfeeds and even memes (33%). Lastly, 18% said they often stream videos like trailers and shows.

When distracted driving causes a car accident, the victim who is deemed 51% or less at fault will be eligible for compensation. This is according to Connecticut's rule of modified comparative negligence. Negotiating for a settlement, though, is another matter and may require legal advice and guidance. Those who are serious about filing a claim may want to see a lawyer. The claim must be filed within the state's two-year statute of limitations.

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