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CVSA: Operation Safe Driver Week scheduled for July

Passenger vehicle and truck drivers in Connecticut should know about Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual event held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. It is a period of increased enforcement of traffic laws, and it affects all drivers in North America. Drivers caught engaging in dangerous behaviors will be issued a warning or citation.

This year, the event will be held from July 14 to 20, and its special focus will be on speeding. Speeding is a factor in 94% of traffic crashes, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found back in 2015. NHTSA also found that in 2017, speeding contributed to 26% of traffic fatalities, or a total of 9,717 deaths.

Besides speeding, law enforcement officials will be looking out for drivers who call or text, fail to wear their seat belt, drive aggressively, follow too closely to other vehicles, make improper lane changes, or ignore traffic signals. During last year's event, police issued 57,405 citations and 87,907 warnings (a total of 113,331 drivers were stopped).

Of these citations, 18,817 were speeding-related, and the majority (16,909) were issued to passenger vehicle drivers. In addition, 714 passenger vehicle drivers and 17 CMV drivers were cited for driving too fast for road conditions. There is still some debate regarding whether greater enforcement reduces car crash numbers.

Truckers often risk speeding in the effort to make up for the miles they lose from hours-of-service restrictions. When this results in a truck accident, occupants of other vehicles who have been injured may want to have their attorneys seek compensation through a negotiated settlement with the insurer for the driver or the employer. If the amount offered is insufficient, a lawsuit might be the next step.

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