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Why drunk driving can lead to serious injuries

There are many ways in which a person in Connecticut can be killed in a drunk driving accident. In some cases, one can go into shock from losing too much blood in a short period of time. It is also possible for someone to bleed out from a massive cut or other open wound. Individuals who are struck by a vehicle could be killed because of blunt force trauma.

The same is true for those inside of a vehicle that causes a crash. A driver or passenger may collide with a solid object such as a steering wheel or any other hard surface in the car or truck itself. Glass can pierce the skin or a vital organ and lead to a person's death. In the United States, an individual is considered to be legally drunk if he or she has a blood alcohol content of .08 percent.

Research suggests that younger drivers are more likely than older drivers to cause harm while under the influence of alcohol. This may be because they have less experience driving. Furthermore, they are more likely to get distracted while driving. If an individual uses prescription medication or other substances with alcohol, it could increase their chances of causing a motor vehicle accident.

A drunk driving accident could lead to serious injuries for a driver, passenger or pedestrian. In some cases, multiple people may be hurt in such crashes. Drivers who cause a collision to occur may be liable for an injured victim's medical bills and other damages. An attorney can help a victim collect compensation from the driver or other parties responsible for the accident. Cases may be resolved by a settlement or jury decision.

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