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Slip-and-fall accidents

Many claims are filed against businesses over slip-and-fall injuries in Connecticut every year. There are several important things that small business owners should know about their potential liability in slip-and-fall claims.

Slip-and-fall accidents arise after a person trips or slips and is injured as a result. Generally, a property owner has a duty to keep their business safe for customers by providing adequate lighting, cleaning up spills, removing obstacles and repairing broken flooring that could lead to a fall.

Slip-and-fall claims are very fact-specific because they turn on whether the business owner acted reasonably to keep the areas open to the public safe and whether the claimant contributed to their own injuries by failing to exercise reasonable care to avoid an obvious hazardous condition. Property owners may be held liable if employees had a chance to repair a dangerous condition but failed to do so. For example, if employees did not clean up a spill on the floor in an area where customers were likely to walk, the business could be held liable for failing to act with reasonable care to keep the area safe. Business owners may also be held liable in cases where they have failed to comply with a statute or building code. Business owners should make sure that all areas that are open to the public are regularly inspected and should have an action plan in place for common problems like spills.

Customers who have suffered injuries as a result of a slip-and-fall accident may benefit from speaking to an attorney. Businesses may deny liability at first, but an attorney might help gather evidence to support the claim by requesting surveillance footage, inspection records and other evidence. Premises liability claims may also include lawsuits over inadequate security, icy sidewalks and other dangerous property conditions.

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