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Distracted driving impacts road users in many ways

Motorists in Connecticut know that they need to stay alert while driving. However, many people operate motor vehicles while distracted. This is considered among the most dangerous actions that a motorist can take. To understand why, it's important to know that a person could be visually, cognitively or manually distracted while behind the wheel.

While manual distractions involve driving without both hands on the wheel, visual distractions involve not looking at the road while driving. Cognitive distraction is when a driver is not focused on the road even if he or she is looking at it. For example, drivers who are fatigued are experiencing a form of cognitive distraction as it can reduce their ability to focus on the road.

Such distractions can be especially deadly when large commercial vehicles are involved. That's why safety advocates stress that fleet managers should implement policies to ensure that drivers aren't operating while distracted. This could mean that drivers are required to take phone calls after pulling over or pulling over to eat a meal.

Companies may want to seek employee input when making policies or issuing changes. This can provide operators with the tools needed to control their actions while driving. Furthermore, companies should have clear goals and metrics to determine if progress is being made. Every department within the organization should be tasked with making sure that safety is a top priority.

An unqualified truck driver or a poorly maintained truck could expose both a driver and their employer to liability for an accident. Injured victims may be able to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages from both parties. An attorney could review a case to determine who is negligent for a crash occurring. In some cases, government agencies or a part manufacturer might be held liable for its role in creating conditions for an accident to take place.

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