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Inspection blitz reveals many unsafe commercial vehicles

Connecticut drivers may be interested in the results of this summer's three-day blitz of commercial vehicle inspections. Agencies from across North America joined forces in an inspection campaign that resulted in over 20 percent of inspected vehicles, which were primarily transport trucks, being taken out of service for safety violations.

Regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities joined forces in June to complete the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual 72-hour International Roadcheck across North America. Over 67,000 commercial vehicles were given roadside inspections between June 5 and 7. The stated focus of this year's initiative was reducing hours of service violations. As a result, roughly 2 percent of drivers whose records and qualifications were subjected to inspection were sidelined, with the leading reason being a violation of hours-of-service regulations. Drivers were also commonly removed from the roadways for having improperly classified driver's licenses or maintaining false duty statues.

One out of every five vehicles subjected to a Level I inspection ended up being taken out of service at least temporarily. The most commonly cited reason for trucks failing inspection was substandard braking systems, which accounted for 28.3 percent of the disqualifications issued by the various agencies. The next most common reason for sidelining trucks was the continued use of tires or wheels that were deemed unsafe. Tire and wheel violations constituted 19 percent of disqualifications. This was followed by improperly adjusted brakes, which took 16 percent of those sidelined out of service.

Commercial vehicle accidents are often more complicated than other wrecks because they can involve many responsible parties. By consulting with a qualified injury lawyer who has experience in litigating truck accidents, a victim could gain peace of mind about their claim for damages.

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