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Roundabouts could help reduce dangerous crashes

People who drive on back roads in Connecticut may encounter dangerous traffic intersections. Some rural roads with high speed limits of up to 55 mph may come together with only a stop sign. These locations are often prone to experiencing severe and even deadly car accidents. However, a number of traffic safety experts are recommending the use of roundabouts or traffic circles as a way to make these junction points safer for drivers.

Installing a traffic light is another common solution for a high-risk intersection. However, while traffic lights are proven to decrease the number of crashes, they may not affect the severity of those that do happen. This means that fatalities and serious personal injuries can continue to be a problem. On the other hand, installing a roundabout may not significantly decrease the overall number of auto collisions, but it could eliminate severe crash injuries. Accidents that take place at roundabouts are far less likely to be fatal or lead to serious injuries.

The structure of a roundabout forces drivers to slow down as they approach the roadway junction. In addition, there is no incentive to speed up while coming to the intersection as there is no timed light to outrun or oncoming traffic to beat. In fact, the construction costs of a roundabout can be recouped in a year or less in reduced costs of injury crashes.

Negligent, distracted and other dangerous drivers can cause serious injuries to others on the road. People who have been hurt in car accidents through no fault of their own can work with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can help a victim take action and pursue compensation for damages.

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