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The safest states for commercial vehicle drivers

Big rig drivers in Connecticut understand that safety is an important part of trucking. If a truck driver is not safe, they risk losing their job, destroying property, injuring themselves or causing a fatal accident. An important part of trucker safety is driving a vehicle that meets the safety guidelines laid out by the government.

Research has been done that provides a clear view of trucker safety/commercial vehicle accidents by state and region. This recent study was done on small businesses that had just two trucks all the way up to those with 200 trucks. The vehicles that were used by these companies ranged from pickups to vans to larger trucks.

The purpose of the study was to get a clearer picture of what truckers encounter as they go through their daily routines. The focus was on the safety of the individuals who drive commercial and work vehicles.

The data that was reviewed went from October 2015 through September 2017. It included information like the number of fatalities per vehicle miles traveled. Furthermore, the researchers took into consideration the number of miles an average driver would travel as well as any speeding incidents they encountered. Based on the information tabulated, the safest area for truckers to drive is on the East Coast. Some of the safest states were Maryland, Virginia, New York and New Hampshire. Conversely, some of the more dangerous states were in the South and included Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas.

When one gets hurt in a trucking accident, a personal injury lawyer can help them assemble a civil claim. If necessary, legal counsel will work with their client to review the evidence gathered by investigators.

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