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Safety group looks to eliminate traffic deaths entirely

The Road to Zero coalition believes that traffic deaths can be completely eliminated by the year 2050. While the safety advocacy group acknowledges that this sounds like an ambitious goal, it offers several ways to make Connecticut roads safer. Among the recommendations in its April 22 report is an increased effort on seat belt compliance.

Currently, 90 percent of drivers wear their seat belts. Of those who die in traffic fatalities, however, half are not buckled up. Simply reaching 100 percent in seat belt compliance could make a big difference.

While Road to Zero believes that the transition to fully automated vehicles may take longer than some think, it does see a need for increased use of safety technology available today. This could be applied both to how roads are constructed and how vehicles are created. Drivers can also help reduce the odds of an accident by taking steps such as not driving while distracted.

The Road to Zero report says that roads could be safer if passenger vehicle drivers and truck drivers were better able to coexist. It also says that drivers of all vehicles should aim to reduce their speeds and refrain from driving while under the influence.

If negligence causes a motor vehicle accident to occur, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. Payments could cover hospital bills or long-term medical costs related to an accident injury. Compensation may also help to make up for lost wages or missed future earnings. An individual who has been injured in a crash may want to consult with an attorney.

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