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Autonomous vehicles suffer from human influence

For many people in Connecticut and across the United States, one of the most appealing factors of autonomous vehicle technology is the way that it could help improve safety and reduce the number of traffic accidents. Since interest in these technologies is so safety focused, there is a high level of interest and publicity when accidents do happen involving driverless vehicles. In March 2018, a pedestrian fatality in Arizona involving a self-driving car received widespread news coverage. One professor believes that it is the influence of humans themselves that limits the safety of autonomous vehicles.

A professor of engineering at Arizona State University noted that the companies working to develop autonomous vehicles, like Uber and Google, are seeking to replicate a humanlike driving experience to the greatest extent possible. Of course, car accidents and driver errors are also a major part of the human driving experience. Since humans are creating these self-driving vehicles, the cars remain susceptible to human error.

The professor at ASU noted that human driving involves a whole set of assumptions and ways of thinking that do not need to constrain the operations of autonomous vehicles, which can perform extensive calculations in a way quite distinct from those of the human brain. For example, if human drivers do not see an obstacle, they assume the road ahead is clear. Autonomous vehicles often use the same assumptions but do not have to. Instead, they could assume the road is blocked until they correctly sense that the area ahead is fully clear.

While the development of autonomous technologies continues, far too many motor vehicle accidents continue to be caused by human drivers' negligence or dangerous behavior. People who have been injured in a car accident due to another driver's conduct can work with a personal injury lawyer who can help them pursue compensation for their losses.

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