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Hard enforcement of the ELD mandate is just around the corner

Some Connecticut residents are seriously injured when they are involved in accidents with large trucks. Because some of these accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue, the federal government issued the electronic logging device mandate.

The ELD mandate is a regulation that requires truck drivers to use electronic logging devices instead of the handwritten logbooks that they used to use. The Department of Transportation mandated the use of the electronic logging devices in an effort to keep drivers from skirting their hours of service rules. Because these devices automatically record the miles that truck drivers travel and when they are driving, they should help to prevent drivers from lying about their hours.

All truck drivers were required to begin using the devices by Dec. 18, 2017. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance both stated that they would not begin hard enforcement of ELD violations until April 1. For drivers who are in violation of the ELD mandate after that date, they will be placed out of service for 10 hours. When the 10 hour period is over, the drivers will then be allowed to continue on to deliver their loads at their destinations.

When truck drivers drive more hours than they are legally allowed to, they place themselves and others around them in danger. Truck accidents may result when truck drivers are fatigued. When truck drivers cause accidents because they are tired, people may be injured or killed. People who are injured in accidents involving large trucks might want to talk to experienced injury lawyers who handle truck accident claims. The attorneys may conduct thorough investigations so that they might uncover all of the factors that contributed to the accidents. This may help them to recover maximal damages for their clients.

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