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Overloading is a major cause of truck accidents

Overloaded trucks can pose a serious safety hazard for people on Connecticut roadways. Every year, overloaded trucks are a major cause of trucking accidents that cause harm and injuries to truck drivers as well as others on the road. This is because the addition of an unbalanced or overweight load increases the chance that the driver will lose control of the truck and be unable to stop it from crashing. Excessive loads can also be more likely to shift during operation, leading to improper distribution and an increased risk of rollover during lane changes or sharp turns.

Even in cases where a truck has an acceptable load weight, improper balancing can mean that the truck is at risk of rolling over. Truck rollover accidents can cause serious injuries, lifelong disabilities and even death to truck drivers and others trapped under a rolling truck. Loads that are not properly secured can also pose a serious risk as cargo could fall out of the truck as it is in motion. Overweight and improperly loaded trucks lose some of their capacity for handling and operation in case of emergency; for example, the braking distance increases, which could cause drivers to underestimate the time necessary to stop. Downhill runs can be particularly dangerous as overweight trucks can speed down a hill much more quickly than expected.

Trucks themselves can receive costly damages as a result of overweight operation. Overloaded trucks strain the ability of the machinery to operate, escalating the level of wear on brakes and tires as well as axles and suspension components. Failed equipment can lead to crashes and serious personal injuries.

People who have been injured in truck accidents might be dealing with ongoing medical bills and lifelong disabilities. A personal injury lawyer may provide advice and representation to accident victims seeking compensation for their expenses, medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

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