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Feds want to study truckers' commuting habits

Connecticut truck drivers may be interested in learning about a federal proposal that could force them to live closer to their jobs. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration wants to study the commuting habits of commercial truck drivers as it is worried about excessive commuting by truckers. The agency defines excessive commuting as more than 150 minutes of drive time between home and work.

As proposed, the survey would study the number and percentage of commercial truckers who commute long distances to work, if they cross any time zones, how this commuting impacts their fatigue on the road and carrier policies, if any, on commuting. The survey was mandated by highway legislation adopted in 2015.

The agency noted that increasing housing costs in big cities are forcing drivers to move farther out to find affordable housing. Long commutes mean less time for drivers to rest and sleep. If they get overly tired, it could result in car and truck accidents on the road. Long commutes, even for regular motorists, can impact their heart health, possibly causing high blood pressure because they have less time to exercise. The agency is accepting comments on the proposed survey until January 26.

Driver fatigue can and sometimes does result in serious truck accidents, and anyone who has been injured in collisions caused by a negligent truck driver may want to consult with a personal injury attorney. An attorney may be able to tell them if they are eligible for any compensation under Connecticut personal injury laws. He or she may also be able to explain the types of compensation that are available and assist them during any potential court proceeding.

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