Serving New Haven For Over 30 Years

When you consult my firm, you get access to over 30 years of experience in personal injury law and workers' compensation. I am Mark H. Pearson, Attorney at Law, and when it comes to recovering full and fair compensation for your injuries, you can't trust just any attorney. I walk you through the entire legal process from start to finish, standing up for your rights every step of the way — so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

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As a personal injury lawyer who has worked for large insurance companies in the past, I offer unique counsel that is tailored for your success. While I fight for a quick and effective resolution through negotiations, I am always prepared to stand up for your interests in the courtroom as well. Few trial attorneys in New Haven offer the passion and hands-on experience as my law firm.

Let Me Help You Through This

At my practice, you receive counsel directly from me — your attorney. At other law firms in Connecticut, you may be passed on to an associate or a paralegal for the duration of your case. But I founded my practice so I could personally help my clients overcome their injuries, which is why you will have direct access to me until you receive a full recovery.

Dealing with insurance companies and navigating the claims process can seem impossible to do alone. And without an attorney to help, you could recover a mere fraction of what you need to cover all the costs of your injuries. Together, we can get you back on your feet. Call my office at 800-251-5597 to get started on your case, or reach out online to set up your free initial consultation.